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What types of creative shoe racks are there


About creative shoe racks:


There are many different types of shoe racks, and different styles and quality of shoe racks have different aesthetics, so we need to understand some common sense of shoe racks. Let’s take a look at the creative shoe racks, what are their types, and what are the materials of the shoe racks. These contents are helpful for everyone to buy shoe racks. Creative shoe racks are not only creative and unique, but also practical. Let’s learn more about related content.


What types of creative shoe racks are there


Types of creative shoe racks:


1. The creative shoe rack nailed to the wall is undoubtedly a great advantage compared to ordinary shoe racks and shoe cabinets. When the shoe is taken off, it is completely a three-dimensional abstract ornament. This interesting-looking shoe rack nailed to the wall can help you organize shoes littered all over the floor. Whether it is a clip or a sneaker, you can easily hang it on it. Of course, leather shoes are also okay. Boots are probably just fine. It’s a problem.


2. A shoe rack for kicking. This shoe rack is different from ordinary ones. It’s a bit like a big toothbrush and shoes. You only need to kick the shoes into the brush. The creativity of this shoe rack is very different. It’s a pity that the array is not pretty.


3. The roller shoe rack is used to fix the shoes through an independent card slot, and the edge is made of soft plastic, so you don’t have to worry about any wear marks on your favorite shoes. Up to 30 pairs of shoes can be stored in such a small space at the same time! Putting the shoes in such a roller is really great. It saves space and is very convenient. Especially for those women who have a lot of shoes, you can easily find shoes that match your clothes by gently turning the roller, eliminating the trouble of rummaging through boxes and cabinets.


4. Movable shoe drying rack, size: each has a height of 25CM, and a spreading diameter of 30CM, which can be used separately or connected together. Up to 4 pairs of 8 shoes can be exposed at one time. A new place for drying shoes, drying slippers and baby shoes, is very thoughtful and practical.


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