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What is the difference between a laundry hamper and a hamper

About Laundry hamper:


What is the difference between a laundry hamper and a hamper?

laundry hamper

A laundry hamper is a storage unit for dirty clothes before they are washed, and a hamper is used to hold clothes after they have been cleaned. The two units are often played interchangeably, but they do differ in size and purpose.


A laundry hamper is used for storing clothes that are still dirty after being washed. A hamper is the basket that often sits near one’s bed to collect clothes before they are put in the washing machine.


A laundry hamper is a device for storing dirty clothes and linens so they can be taken to the washing machine. Simply place your dirties into the hamper and then transfer them to the washer.


The average laundry hamper holds about 10 pounds of laundry and has a 10 inch diameter opening. A hamper, on the other hand, is a container that holds clean clothes and linens which are used to make beds or fold for storage.


A laundry hamper is a type of container that is used for storing dirty clothes until they are washed. They are often found in bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.


Typically, these come in the form of a rectangular or round basin. Laundry hampers are large enough to hold several days worth of clothing at once. A hamper on the other hand is usually a more compact version of this.


A hamper is a basket typically made out of wickerwork or cloth which can be used to store dirty clothes.


They are often used in bathrooms or bedrooms for storing clothes, footwear, or other items that need to be washed. Unlike laundry hampers, they are not designed to move around, and can thus be used as permanent fixtures in homes.


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