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What are the types of Storage Racks

About Storage Racks suppliers  :


What are the types of Storage Racks


There are many types of storage racks, mainly multi-layer storage racks, folding storage racks, attached storage racks and automatic storage racks. Commercial Storage Racks are categorized in more detail.

Storage Racks

Storage Racks


Classification of Storage Racks:


1. Spare parts Storage Racks: Combined with the back-mounted parts box and multi-purpose hook accessories, it is not only suitable for various types of material sorting, but also suitable for the storage and classification of small materials, tools, parts and various special-shaped items, making full and effective use of space . The hook is used in conjunction with the square hole hanging plate, the hole position can be changed arbitrarily, the positioning is fast, safe and stable, and it can meet the positioning management of various tools and save the search time; Color labels, small materials and parts can be classified and stored by color management;2. Storage Racks for boxed parts: the goods can be placed in multiple layers, with wheels underneath, which can be folded when not in use, which greatly saves warehouse space;3. Stacking rack: There are two types of foldable stacking and non-folding stacking, respectively storing non-standard shapes such as tires.


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