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What are the precautions for installing the storage organizer


  What are the precautions for installing the storage organizer?


  Storage organizers are very common in life, and are generally used in conjunction with furniture. Not only look at the decoration of the interior, but also increase the indoor storage space, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the indoor area. If you haven’t installed it at home, you can prepare it now. There are many precautions for the installation of storage organizers, which are related to the installation environment. It will determine the size of the problem. Let Union Home take you through it.


What are the precautions for installing the storage organizer


  Precautions for the installation of storage organizers:


  1. The size of household storage cabinets


  (1) Kitchen. For most people, the kitchen is generally not very spacious. Therefore, how to make better use of the effective space is a problem that everyone is more concerned about.


  (2) The proper distance between the wall cabinet and the operating table is about 60 cm. This distance allows you to easily get what is in the wall cabinet when cooking. Place things on both sides of the kitchen with a distance of 120 cm in between. This will not affect housework.


  2. Design principles of household storage cabinets


  (1) In the storage design of children’s products, consideration should be given to cultivating children’s hands-on ability and self-care ability in order to reduce the burden on parents.


  (2) In addition, safety factors should not be ignored. Children should not be in contact with knives, scissors, medicines, detergents and other items. These should be concealed or placed well.


  (3) The design of household storage cabinets should start from every corner of the home, and can be integrated into various storage concepts according to the characteristics of each functional space, and the designed structure should meet actual needs.

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