Good storage-supplier multifunctional rack

Good storage-supplier multifunctional rack

Type: Supplier multifunctional rack
Item Weight: 6.49 pounds
Product Dimensions: 31.5x 15x 66inches

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Product Description

Supplier multifunctional rack


The Supplier multifunctional rack are made of bamboo+iron pipe.

Supplier multifunctional rack

1. Hang clothes that you use in everyday life. This product can meet the storage of clothes and shoes in daily life.This product can meet the storage of clothes and shoes in daily life.

The bottom consists of 4pcs metal iron tubes that can hold the shoes needed to wear in daily life, or can be paired with our storage box to hold some small items such as socks and even the plants. The left side of the bamboo pole has 4 hooks extending outward, you can hang hats, bags or coats and so on.

The top consists of a metal rod, can well withstand the weight of multiple pieces of clothing.

2. Bamboo+iron tube material: Supplier multifunctional rack is made of natural bamboo material and iron tube, which is easy to clean, and does not accumulate dust easily.

3. Easy to assemble: We configure an assembly manual and a small screwdriver in each package, so we can easily assemble the supplier multifunctional rack according to the installation steps by steps.

4. Use in many occasions: Supplier multifunctional rack fits perfectly in your living room or bedroom to hanging cloth, storing shoes and decorations. Simple and generous appearance can be adapted to most room designs.

5. Capacity: Supplier multifunctional rack is very sturdy and can hold up to 150 lbs.

Supplier multifunctional rack

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Q1: Does this product come with wheels?
No. This is not with the wheel, can better stand and support

Q2: Can the bamboo part of this product be dyed?
Yes. You can customize the color you like.

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