Storage organizer in China

Storage organizer in China


Item No.: BS00001

Size: D16*32CM


Case Pack: 12

Master Carton Size: 45.5*37.5*25.5

Material: BAMBOO

Product Description

Storage organizer in China – Union Home

Storage organizer in China



Be made of renewable bamboo, which is more durable than plastic. Bamboo kitchen drawer organizer can be as a storage container to make the desktop more clean and tidy, but also as a desktop decoration.



The bamboo drawer organizers can be arranged any way you want because of variations in size, different combinations to turn your jumbled mess into an organized space.

Union Home Storage organizer in China


The value of bamboo lamp is far more than simple lighting. Bamboo lamp itself is a kind of art, which contains very traditional Chinese culture. The elements also incorporate classical elements of Chinese style, which are natural and simple, noble and elegant. There are different hand-drawn patterns on the bamboo lamp. Different patterns represent different meanings. They are very suitable as gifts for relatives, friends, leaders, and collections.


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