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Sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers to Sell well on Amazon

Sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers can be challenging for inexperienced Amazon sellers. The guide covers some main challenges and tips for Amazon sellers to find the right Chinese Storage Racks manufacturers.

There are multiple and main challenges to sourcing storage racks from China suppliers for inexperienced Amazon sellers.

1. Product selection

Product selection is the first difficulty for a new Amazon seller when they are starting out on Amazon. Although Amazon sellers can search for sales data, popular keywords, or other relevant data to decide what is the most profitable product sold on Amazon, you also need to match the customers’ needs on Amazon with supply from China.

Thousands of Chinese suppliers can offer all kinds of products from simple to complex products. However, some of them are not suitable for Amazon selling. Such as high-value and complex products, Labor-intensive products, and Counterfeit products.


2. Products that are of high value, are difficult for producing and have complex technical or quality specialty don’t match with Amazon sales.

Some complex products including jewelry, consumer electronics, and skincare products that require sourcing components or ingredients from other suppliers will increase the risk of quality problems because it’s difficult for Amazon sellers to control the quality during the production process.

Products that are labor intensive, such as garments, handcrafted products, and shoes are also not suitable for Amazon selling.

China’s labor wages are no longer the lowest in the world, which increased with the global trend. What’s more, it is different between different cities in China, which depends on the cost of living and the development of each city. High labor costs can eat up your profits. According to Forbes, counterfeiting was the world’s largest criminal enterprise in 2018.

Counterfeit products are those that imitate the appearance or product name of other well-known products that have intellectual property protection (trademark, copyright, and trade names) to mislead customers. These products are forbidden to sell on Amazon.


3. Communication difficulties

Language and cultural differences will cause misunderstandings when Amazon sellers look for Chinese suppliers. Some of the most common misunderstandings happen due to culture, lifestyle, or language barriers.

These differences increase the difficulties of communicating with suppliers about product specifications or detailed information. For example, some products are popular in western countries, which may not be used widely in China. And while the Imperial system of measurements is widely used in the United States, the metric system is followed in China. When communicating with suppliers, misleading measurements may occur.

Chinese people pay more attention to personal relationships, which play a crucial role in business transactions. A strong personal relationship can help you build a long-term business connection with suppliers and manufacturers in China.

4. Finding reliable suppliers

A challenge related to sourcing storage racks from Chinese suppliers is finding a reliable supplier. In the B2B marketplace, there are many ways to find a supplier. But it doesn’t mean that it is a reliable and real supplier. For example, Alibaba with a list of companies or suppliers in China is a popular platform to find suppliers, but you need to pay attention to avoid being scammed. Reviewing the quality of a supplier on Alibaba is important.

Quality issues/disputes -Many new and inexperienced Amazon sellers found that products from China don’t meet the quality standards.

Although an OEM contract of quality is signed, these problems still occur, including Sub-standard packaging, poor quality product, sub-optimal finishing, damaged goods, wrong or inferior quality of raw materials, delay in shipment, etc.

Although some maybe not be a terrible issue, and some remedial actions can be taken, if you have finished a payment without an inspection at the factory before shipment, your requests for a refund or replacement may not be accepted by the supplier.


About Union Home

Union Home is a subsidiary of Sellers Union Group. With 14 years of experience in home storage supply, Union Home has become one of the biggest and most professional home storage suppliers in China.

Through our indefatigable efforts in past years, our product specialties include Home Storage and Organization, Kitchenware, Bath Items & Laundry.  By keeping offering customers competitive prices, good product solutions, and in-time delivery, we are proud to be a long-term supplier of many retailers, like Wal-Mart, Dollar General, ALDL, etc…

Sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers to Sell on Amazon2

We export a very large number of racks every year all over the world. Our customers are mainly in the US, Europe, and South America.

We have our own factory and professional QC team, we have 4 QC departments with more than 50 staff who control every customer’s orders which can make sure every order with good quality and in time delivery.

We have a large sales team, proficient in English and other common languages, effectively improving the efficiency of communication.

We have more than 10 designers & product managers dedicated to developing the right products for you. Designers travel constantly to Europe and Asia to shop the market and visit trade shows and factories. We keep abreast of the trends and apply popular elements to our products. All our products, whether on Amazon or offline stores, are very popular.


Here are some tips for Third-party Amazon sellers to sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers in China, and avoiding to being scammed.

1. The Canton Fair

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957 and is held in Guangzhou twice a year, every spring and autumn. China’s largest import and export convention covers every industry. We can say the Canton Fair is one of the best ways to sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers.

Due to Covid-19, the Canton Fair adds a new online display platform. The fair is so huge that it is divided into three stages:

Phase 1: Electronics, machinery, building materials, and chemical products

Phase 2: Consumer goods, home decorations, and gifts

Phase 3: Textiles, recreational products, office supplies, shoes, medical devices, and health products

You can sourcing storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers in person and get samples of products you intend to source for further cooperation. And those suppliers attending the Canton Fair are verified, which can make sure all suppliers are qualified.


2. Other than the Canton Fair

Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China are the other B2B websites where you can sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers.

But you must review these suppliers when you search on these B2B websites to avoid getting scammed on these complicated B2B marketplaces. These platforms with huge resources provide many suppliers. As long as you check them carefully, you can get the right and genuine suppliers.


3. Sourcing agent

It is the best way to avoid getting scammed on complicated B2B marketplaces that partnering with a China sourcing agent who can act as the go-between. And an experienced sourcing agent can express your product specification exactly to manufacturers, negotiate the best price for you, and carry out on-site inspections and quality audits at the factory in China, ensuring the product meets the agreed timelines and quality standards before the shipment.

The Chinese sourcing agent who has insight knowledge of the Chinese supply chain is more experienced. No matter what you want, you can find a real supplier as long as you build a long-term relationship with a local sourcing agent in China, which is a good way on sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers.


4. Social media

Social media become more and more popular. And the ways of consuming also changed. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most popular social platforms. Normally, Chinese suppliers will launch their detailed information about products or factories.

You can search keywords to find their account and then follow up with them for further cooperation. And you can also post your requirements or detailed information on your page. Chinese suppliers who can satisfy your needs will contact you and send you their catalog or quotation. It is more convenient and can save your time.

Sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers to Sell on Amazon3


Above are some tips on sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers -a home products suppliers in CHINA, if you have any questions about Sourcing Storage Racks from Chinese Suppliers, welcome to contact us. Our email:

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