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How to Find China Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufacturers

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How to Find China Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufacturers

Where is the place that uses most in our home normally? I believe many people will choose the kitchen. But items in the kitchen are always messy, it is quite laborious to clean and arrange them normally. A good kitchen is not only the layout should be reasonable; the key is that the kitchen is clean and tidy! So kitchen storage items place an important role in our daily life.

Union Home is a branch company of Seller’s Union Group. With 15 years of experience, Union Home has become one of the biggest and most professional home storage suppliers in China.

We have 6 sales departments and offer more than 1000 customers all over the world. We have more than 20 QC staff; make sure every order with good quality and on-time delivery. 6 designers & product managers dedicated to developing the right products for you, they travel constantly to Europe and Asia to shop the market and visit trade shows and factories. Union Home continually learns new trends in Europe and USA and can offer customers new designs.

Through our indefatigable efforts in past years, our products are mainly Kitchen Storage items, we also specialized in home storage and organization items, which include Storage Stool, Laundry Storage, Storage racks, and Closet Storage.


Kitchen Storage products are essential in our life, but how to find storage product suppliers?

Here are some tips to help you find the right professional kitchen storage suppliers and manufacturers in China based on our 15 years of experience.

5 Tips for finding kitchen storage suppliers and manufacturers in China

  • The Canton Fair

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957 and is held in Guangzhou twice a year, every spring and autumn. China’s largest import and export convention covers every industry. Due to COVID-19, the Canton Fair adds a new online display platform.

You can find your real suppliers in person and get samples of products you intend to source for further cooperation. And those suppliers attending the Canton Fair are verified, which can make sure all suppliers are qualified. You can find kitchen storage suppliers and manufacturers here.

Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • B2 B Marketplaces

Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China are the other B 2 B websites where you can find kitchen storage suppliers and manufacturers. But you must review these suppliers when you search on these B 2 B websites to avoid getting scammed on these complicated B 2 B marketplaces. These platforms with huge resources provide many suppliers. As long as you check them carefully, you can get the right and real suppliers.Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Yiwu Market

You can also find kitchen storage suppliers and manufacturers in the Yiwu market. The Yiwu Market is open to people all around the world. And it has more than 40,000 shops. It also provides an online platform named Yiwugo. With the Yiwu market as the core, it covers high-quality suppliers, first-hand sources of goods, and lower prices for high-quality goods; rich in categories, with online goods reaching 5 million, involving 26 major categories such as toys, accessories, handicrafts, and daily necessities. You can check the wholesalers’ information or browse the product catalog directly on the internet.

Yiwu Wholesalers cooperate with factories in Zhejiang or Jiangsu provinces. The price of products can be as low as you want here. But the quality varies. You can purchase off-the-shelf goods or have them shipped to your location in bulk. And you can also hire a purchasing agent in Yiwu who will deal with the sourcing process, including driving you from your hotel to meet all suppliers and negotiating prices or other order terms with wholesalers. But you need to control the product quality by yourself.

Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Working with a sourcing agent

It is the best way to avoid getting scammed on complicated B 2 B marketplaces that partnering with a China sourcing agent who can act as the go-between. An experienced sourcing agent can express your product specification exactly to manufacturers, negotiate the best price for you, and carry out on-site inspections and quality audits at the factory in China, which can make sure the production can meet the agreed timelines and quality standards before the shipment. It can find You can find kitchen storage suppliers and manufacturers well.

The Chinese sourcing agent who has insight knowledge of the Chinese supply chain is more experienced. No matter what you want, you can find a real supplier as long as you build a long-term relationship with a local sourcing agent in China.

Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Social media

Social media become more and more popular. And the ways of consuming also changed. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most popular social platforms. Normally, Chinese suppliers will launch their detailed information about products or factories. You can search keywords to find their account and then follow up with them for further cooperation.

And you can also post your requirements or detailed information on your page. Chinese suppliers who can satisfy your needs will contact you and send you their catalog or quotation. It is more convenient and can save your time. It is also a good way to help you find kitchen storage suppliers and manufacturers in China.

But many buyers who source products from China sometimes are disappointed. They find that the factory has agreed and promised to meet the requirements of the products. They never deliver. In that case, more than a few dollars, your deal, profit, and your reputation are all exposed to the risk.

Here are 4 things that need to be considered when you are looking for Kitchen Storage suppliers and Manufactories in China to make sure you will be not disappointed in terms of quality, there are no problems during production and your order can arrive within the timeline agreed upon.

4 suggestions about looking for Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufactories in China

  • Beware the sample

The golden sample means the perfect sample a factory or manufacturer sends to you, which looks wonderful. It is meant to be the benchmark against which the rest of your products are measured to ensure quality control. However, it may cause a risk that the rest of your order might not match the golden sample, which may be caused by the products haven’t been made in the same way or by the same material, or even by the same factory. One of the ways to protect yourself from facing such a risk is to make a thorough background of your suppliers to ensure that they have the technical expertise and production capability.

For Union Home, there will be 7 steps to make sure what you received will be of high quality:

  • PP Sample Confirmation
  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Multi times semi-finished products inspection
  • Packing inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Production samples confirmation
  • Supervise loading


  • Pay attention to packaging

Usually, buyers receive a sample sent by factories and the packaging looks great, but you must consider how it looks like after a long-term ocean shipment under damp and hostile conditions, such as products pressing, collision within the packaging, and so on.

For Union Home, we will seal the case with the correct packaging and take adequate protective measures to prevent damage in the process of shipping each order. Besides, before shipping, we will inspect every order to make sure the factory did do as our request. What’s more, we will supervise the loading of each order, and randomly open several cartons of products for inspection during the loading.

  • Be realistic about delivery time

When you fix the delivery time, consider all factories such as the location of the factory, the capacity, and the product specifications. All these factors will affect the delivery time. And during the production process, if you can’t come to the factory regularly, the delivery time may be delayed, especially if some issues of production happen.

Union Home has a full quality control system which has more than 20 QC staff, who will go to the factory regularly to check the progress of orders and control the quality of orders to make sure every order with good quality and in-time delivery.

  • Don’t underestimate cultural differences between the East and West

There are huge differences between the East and West, including culture, languages, and lifestyle. And buyers can’t ignore and underestimate these differences when buyers start to source products in China. For example, in many countries in Asia, when they meet some issues, they won’t ask the buyers to make sure what they do are right. They will tend to make assumptions that won’t make them look bad compared with asking. So encourage your suppliers to keep in regular touch with you and update you regularly on the production process to make sure every step is fine.

Union Home has 6 sales department and offer more than 1000 customers all over the world. We stay 24 hours online and will help you with every issue. We value communication and relationship with our customers.


Union Home is a young, motivated,d and high-efficiency team that provides customers with the best service and the most competitive prices. We are committed to letting customers pay less money, enjoy excellent customer service, and make home well organized.

Hope this essay will help you find Kitchen Storage Suppliers and Manufactories in China well!

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