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Introduction Of Storage Stools From Storage Stools Supplier

What is storage stools-from storage stools supplier?

As a 13-year experienced storage stools supplier, I think Storage stools can be a kind of new type of home storage, and also can be considered to be a kind of deft small furniture, they have both the lightness of home storage as well as organization ability, you can placed them in any corner of the house, regard as a part of furniture, which can be a stools, or combined into a small sofa.

The first encounter with storage stools

When I was in primary school, there were no desks in the music classroom, only a special stool, so I was particularly interested in this kind of stool that could open the lid and place books or other things. We can put the stationery and Instruments we need in class inside the stool and take them out when we use them, so that everything around us seems particularly neat and peaceful. And compared with other wooden chairs, it’s also appears very soft to sit on. So my love for this kind of storage stool lasted throughout the whole period of my student life.

The use of storage stool

In recent years, storage stools become increasingly popular around the world. They provide a simple and comfort way for our life. Take our basic cube shaped storage stool for example. Firstly, As a stool, We could sit on it, and it’s wide enough to hold an adult, and can bear up to 260 pounds. We can sit on it watching movies, wearing shoes. In addition, if several stools are spliced together, you can also use them as a small sofa to sleep on and listen to music.

Secondly, we can regard storage stool as a storage box, open the lid, we can use it to put our books, folded clothes, toys, or other small things, so that our living room, bedroom will be much tidied up.

Thirdly, if you can’t reach something too high up, or if you’re lying on a comfortable couch but lack a place to put your feet, storage stool is a good choice used as a platform.

The shapes of storage stools

With the popularity of storage stools in our lives, storage stools have also diversified from single to diversified, whether it is the diversity of shapes or materials. In addition to the traditional rectangular shape, circle, or some strange shapes, such as heart shapes, car shapes are also becoming popular. Rectangular is the most common shape on market, mainly because there is more space available for storage. And they’re easier to fit against our walls or furniture. Circle ones are also common in our life. Unlike the rectangular stool, Circle ones have less storage space. But they have an advantage that rectangular ones do not have, they have no angles, which means that we are safer when we accidentally bump into it on a daily basis. Usually the circle storage stool we will match the metal or wood base to improve its appearance.

Storage stools FAQs

What are the most conventional sizes of storage stools?

Our most conventional size is 15”x15”x15”, and 30”x15”x15”, and there are also some sizes that are more common, like 11.8”x11.8×11.8.

How storage stools to support its sturdiness?

Around and at the bottom of the stool, there will be a layer of MDF board to support stools.  Cylindrical stools will also have paper tubes and iron rings.

What fabric is generally used for the storage stool?

The most common fabrics for storage stools are velvet, PU, non-woven, linen and polyester. We can customize them according to our own preferences.

Are the stools foldable?

Not all. Generally speaking, cube shapes are foldable, while cylindrical shapes or those with metal or wood supports at the bottom are not foldable.

How to choose storage stools?

Firstly, be clear about your primary purpose, whether it’s for storage or other purpose.

Secondly, Choose a shape you like and find fabrics you like

If you are not sure what kind of stools you like, you can click on our page to browse, or email us directly. We are an experienced storage stools supplier. And our email address is:

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