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How to Effective Source Storage Stool Supplier and Manufacturer from China

How to Effective Source Storage Stool Supplier and Manufacturer from China

Before sharing the ways to source storage stool supplier, allow me to introduce who we are:

As one of the biggest and most professional home storage suppliers in China, also with 15 years’ experience, Union Home has 6 sales department and offer more than 1000 customers all over the world. We stay 24 hours online and will help you with every issue. We value communication and relationship with our customers.Storage Stool Supplier

Our factory equipped with products certificates such as EN71、Fire retardant test、Loading test、Prop 65 and REACH. We are familiar with every material test and can meet all test requests for every country. We also have factory audit like BSCI、DISNEY、FCCA SCS、FSC、 ISO9001 etc…

Storage Stool Supplier

We are a young, motivated and high efficiency team; provide our customers with the best service and the most competitive prices. We are committed to letting our customers pay less money, making house well organized.

Storage Stool Supplier

Own Sample making room allows us make sample better and faster according to customer’s need.

Storage Stool Supplier

We have 1200㎡ showroom in Yiwu, which display all kinds of home storage items.  Storage stool, Laundry storage, Storage racks, kitchen storage and closet storage.

We focus on high-quality production. Full quality control system controls from raw material to shipment to ensure good quality and in time delivery.

For Union Home, there will be 7 steps to make sure what you received will be in high quality:

  • Pre-Production Sample Confirmation
  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Multi times of semi-finished products inspection
  • Packing inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Production samples confirmation
  • Supervise loading

We would like to share some skills for source storage stool from China.

China is an attractive marketplace for Amazon, Walmart, or other platform sellers, who are looking for establishing a profitable and successful business. China, known as a World Factory, can produce high quality and high value products. Before you begin to search the best supplier in China on Google, you need to know the strategy of sourcing, which will help you avoid being scammed and find a reliable supplier and get a profitable deal.

Storage Stool Supplier 1

It is different that carry out the business transactions between China and Western countries. In China, the way of business is carried out depending on relationship. The long-term connection with suppliers can facilitate deals and open doors in business transactions. A person with plenty of good relationships to others is better to build and develop their transactions in China.

In business transactions, the basis of building a long-term personal relationship with suppliers is to build the trust and respect for suppliers by communication channels. The success of a business transaction depends on how well you can develop a personal relation with the Chinese manufacturer. The stronger your foundation, the higher the pay off in terms of an ongoing successful business relationship.

Sourcing Storage Stool from China is a huge challenge to those sellers who are just starting out. Finding the right and dependable supplier is a complex process for inexperience seller. It needs to take some thoughtfulness, effort and time to find the supplier and manufacturer who can meet the quality requirements.

Here are some of the most common platforms how to source storage stool suppliers from China.

Storage Stool Supplier

1. Alibaba

Alibaba with rich resources can be called the Chinese Amazon, which is a good place for search. Alibaba was founded in 1999, having more than 960 million active customers and about 1.3 billion businesses. Before searching for Chinese manufacturer suppliers, you need to create your business account on Alibaba at first. Then, the next step is to go to “Sourcing Solutions” where you need to submit your request for quotations by filling in the relevant details, which can help you to match the right suppliers and suppliers can know your needs more effectively.

The relevant details include keywords of your products, detailed product description, quantity, and photos. The accurate keywords of your products can attract the attention to some suppliers. Keywords contains as many generic terms as possible can capture eyes of suppliers as many as possible. Detailed product descriptions include the measurements, dimensions, materials, logo and other customization required. Besides, the most important thing Chinese suppliers care is the quantity. The more the order quantity, the lower price of product you can get.

If the order quantity is too low, Chinese suppliers may be not interested in this order. Besides, if you have photos of the full range of photos, it will be more helpful for the supplier to clearly understand what product you are looking for.

Storage Stool Supplier

When you type the product name in the search bar, you will get the dozens of results of potential manufacturer suppliers on the website. It is not all results match with the product you want, so you need to spend some time finds the ones that meet your requirements.

Make sure that the storage stool suppliers you find is a manufacturer and not a reseller before you send a message to the supplier. Many resellers will pretend a manufacturer to do the business with you. Although Alibaba is the biggest marketplace, it is complex and you may be scammed. The other platforms in China are Global Sources and Made in China. Although they are not huge as Alibaba, they have much better quality.

Storage Stool Supplier

2. Trade fair

If you plan to establish a personal relationship, the best way is to attend trade shows and contact the suppliers in person. There are several important trades fair in China every year. But the most important are the Canton Fair. It is the largest fair in China, and is held twice every year. This fair covers every industry, so that it is divided into three phases.

The first phase is building materials, chemical products, machinery and electronics. The second one is about home decorations, gifts and consumer goods. And the last one is office supplies, textiles, health and premium skincare products, shoes and medical products.

Storage Stool Supplier

The entrance is free and you can connect with suppliers in person and you can see the samples that suppliers bring to feel the quality. Whoever you are interested in, you can exchange your business card to them. After the fair ends up, they will follow up with you for further detailed information or business. And before you attend the fair, you can also browse the list of suppliers on the website so that you can find the locations of suppliers you are interested in, which you can save your time and energy.

Storage Stool Supplier3. China sourcing agent

If you are busy or can’t come to China to attend the fair, working with a China sourcing agent is a wise choice for you. The right and experienced sourcing agent can help you deal with most troubles, such as unexpected price, shipment problems, communication barriers and product quality problems. What’s more, the right sourcing agent can inspect the production process so that they can make sure the production ends as the timelines you agreed, and inspect the products before the shipment.

Storage Stool Supplier4. Professional supplier

Other than working with a sourcing agent to find storage stool suppliers, looking for a professional manufacturer supplier by social media is also a good idea for sellers. Social media became more and more popular. Almost everyone uses social media every day.

Usually a professional business has their own business website and accounts on social media. They launch their detailed information and photos of their products. You can search the keywords of your product on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and find the related suppliers.

After knowing your needs, they will send their product catalog or quotation to you as soon as possible. Or you can also post your product specification or requirements on these platforms. Salesmen will look for their clients through these platforms according to product requirements sent the internet. If you are matched, the business will be established soon.


If you have a different point of view or something you want to know about how to source in China, join the discussion and have you say!

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