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How to choose a shoe rack

About shoe rack :


How to choose a shoe rack?


Shoe rack is an indispensable thing in life. Of course, because of the difference in life, the things we buy will be different. There are many advantages to using a simple shoe rack, it is very convenient, and there is no need to worry about the smell of the shoe rack. 

shoe rack

When people choose a shoe rack, they will choose a good-looking shoe rack, but choosing a good-looking shoe rack is not necessarily of good quality. For this reason, many friends will not choose a simple household shoe rack. For this, let me tell you how to choose a simple household shoe rack?


1. Choose according to the placement position.


Household shoe racks of different materials have different requirements for space, because plastic shoe racks and wooden shoe racks cannot be placed in direct sunlight, which are prone to aging and cracking. Therefore, if the shoe rack is placed in an outdoor area such as a balcony, it is recommended to choose a metal shoe rack, which has a longer service life. If placed indoors, you can choose plastic shoe rack or wooden shoe rack.


2. Choose according to style and color


When choosing a household shoe rack, pay attention to the style of the shoe rack to be consistent with the overall style of the home. Generally speaking, wooden shoe racks have a more natural and rustic style, while metal shoe racks and plastic shoe racks have more modern styles; the color of the shoe rack should be coordinated with the overall color of the home. The color of the wooden rack is generally lighter, the color of the metal shoe rack is darker, and the color of the plastic shoe rack has many choices. .


3. Pay attention to details


When choosing a household shoe rack, pay attention to the choice of details. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers have removed the compartments in the production of shoe racks. The shoe rack with compartments can prevent the dirt on the sole from falling to the upper of the shoe and causing pollution. The closed shoe rack can not only isolate foreign objects from shoes, but also is beautiful. The shoe rack produced by the regular manufacturer is specially treated at the corner of the shoe rack.

Where to buy a shoe rack?


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