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The Most Trusted Wholesale Supplier Of Custom Shoe Boxes Storage From China

Custom shoe box storage

The most trusted wholesale supplier of custom shoe boxes storage from China

Every shoe needs to tender and loving care from its owner.  Cleaning and storing them shows how much you highly regard them in your life. Having the right form of storage plays an important part in keeping your shoes well organized, but it also makes them last longer.

Today we’ll introduce the custom shoe box storage  suppliers in China.

Custom shoe box storage

How to find a great custom storage shoe box company?

◾ Reliability – This is the most important obligation of a supplier. You must get the custom storage shoe boxes you need, when you need them, in the quantity and quality you need.

◾ Quality – The quality of a custom storage shoe box needs to be consistent.

◾ Price – The lowest price is not always the most critical criterion. You should look for value and decide on the best balance between price and value.

◾ Clear communication – A good supplier needs to be honest and forthright ,let you know of unforeseen delays so you have time to make adjustments.


The best custom shoe box storage supplier

Our company—Union Home, deeply engaged in the field of consumer goods export for more than 15 years. More than tens of thousands of products, in more than 30 categories covering more than 120 countries and regions around the world, with more than 1,000 global customers.

We stay 24 hours online and will help you with every issue. We value communication and relationship with our customers.

Our factory equipped with products certificates such as EN71、Fire retardant test、Loading test、Prop 65 and REACH.

We are familiar with every material test and can meet all test requests for every country. We also have factory audit like BSCI、DISNEY、FCCA SCS、FSC、 ISO9001, etc.

Custom shoe box storage


What will happen when you choose our company for your custom storage shoe boxes?

First, you will obtain access to the endless list of customization options, you can choose from to find the best choice suitable to what you have in mind.

Together with that, you will have peace of mind knowing, that your project is being taken care of by a team of experienced, and talented expert engineers as well as structural designers.

You will be happy that you found a team of professionals who will work with you until your requirements are met.

To ensure that your custom shoe box storage will arrive at your place undamaged, the team makes sure to use inner trays, dividers, and other protective items when sending them to your address.

Union Home allows you to order a minimum of up 100 boxes if that is what you need. Even with just this small quantity, rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the same level of quality control that is given to bigger orders.

Just explore the site, You’ll find endless possibilities for your custom storage shoe box.


Why we need custom shoe box storage

For those who are more likely just to kick off their shoes everywhere, the mere concept of shoe storage might sound like a terrible waste of time.

However, it is the case that people who just toss their shoes around are more likely to run them down very quickly.

If you don’t take care of your shoes, they will get trashed sooner than expected, and a major part of taking care of your shoes in a proper way is storage. Just like a custom shoe box storage.

Shoe storage is important for keeping your shoes safe from dangerous elements like sunlight, dust, or moisture, and gives them a safe space, where they will not be trampled or left at horrible angles that will eventually change their shape.

Shoes need to be protected from dust, water, and so on, so they don’t fade or warp while they’re in storage. Storing your shoes properly will help them look nice and last for several seasons.

Custom shoe box storage give your shoes the highest level of protection from dust, sunlight, and temperature extremes that can sap leather shoes of their flexibility.

Customized storage shoe boxes allow different shoes to be stored in different environments. You can store and protect shoes the way you like.

When your shoes are not properly cared for or rarely worn, the glue and soles will finally dry out, causing your shoes to fall apart and the heels to snap or shatter.

This damage is caused by improper storage methods and other environmental factors.

Whether you paid $30 for a pair of shoes or $300, improper storage practices can cause your shoes to chip, fall apart, flake, mold, ruin the material and frame, and deteriorate.

It’s best to take precautions now and find other safer, more natural alternatives to best store and care for your shoes.

Custom shoe box storage

Anyway, a custom shoe box storage is an indispensable thing in life, and a custom shoe storage box can better meet our needs.

Our company may be a very good choice for you. We look forward to your choosing us and your cooperation with us!


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