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How to Find China Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

 How to Find China Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

Demand for home organization products used in closets is projected to advance 4.8% per year through 2023 to $3.4 billion, according to the Home Organization Products study by The Freedonia Group. A continued trend toward larger closets, particularly in newer, higher-end homes will help spur the growth. Demand for home organization products for all rooms is projected to reach $12.7 billion in 2023 on gains of 3.8% per year.


Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

To purchase these home organizations, we are your reliable closet storage manufactures and suppliers’ choice — Union Home is a leading manufacturer in China with more than 15 years, and we are very familiar with closet storage styles of the storage boxes, hanging organizers, shoe organizer, sock organizer, etc… in the USA and Europe. Equipped with some fully automatic machines that can make us the high capacity and offer you competitive price. Cooperating with many chain stores in the USA and Europe let us keep design and new product development sensitivity.

We have 6 sales departments and more than 1000 customers worldwide. We have more than 20 QC staff; Ensure the quality and delivery time of each order. Six designers and product managers are dedicated to developing the right product for you, and they often travel to European and Asian sourcing markets to visit trade shows and factories. Union Home is constantly learning new trends in Europe and the USA and offering new designs to its clients.

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

For Union Home, there will be 7 steps to make sure what you received will be of high quality:

  • PP Sample Confirmation
  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Multi times of semi-finished products inspection
  • Packing inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Production samples confirmation
  • Supervise loading

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers


Some Tips For Sourcing Closet Storage from China

If you are an Amazon seller, the most important thing is to keep your sales rank so that the visibility of your listing can increase. With a high sales rank, it is more possible for your product listing to appear first on organic search results of product searches. How to maintain your sales rank? Keep your product in stock within the replenishment cycle. If the product is out of stock for more than 30 days, the sales rank of your listing will be damaged.

Third-Party sellers take up the majority of Amazon. Sales on Amazon’s website have doubled since 1999, and most of the sellers’ products on Amazon come from China. They all rely heavily on finding closet storage manufactures and suppliers in China to supply them with the goods they sell successfully online.

However, due to Covid-19, supplier chain disruptions across the globe, including in China. Stalling factory production capacity and rising ocean freight rates caused by coronavirus lead to supply delays in China, which increases the risk of products being out of stock for more than 30 days.

It is a big huge challenge for independent entrepreneurs to maintain their sales volume and sales rank. As an Amazon seller, to survive in these challenging times, the most important thing is to know the overall supply chain trend in China and to find the trusted and right suppliers for you who can satisfy your product specifications. It is crucial to avoid the risk of products being out of stock so that you maintain your sales rank on Amazon.

How to find reliable closet storage manufactures and suppliers in China?

Seven out of the ten busiest ports in the world are located in China. Most global trades are processed by Chinese ports. However, the coronavirus pandemic caused factory shutdowns, lack of labor, and longer shipping time. Most Amazon sellers were exposed to the risk of being out of stock. And they also found it was difficult for them to send the products to their customers successfully. For unprepared Amazon sellers, the disrupted supply chains in China and across the world can negatively impact sales, but here are several tips for Amazon sellers to find reliable closet storage manufactures in China to get back on track with sales.

  • The Canton Fair

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957 and is held in Guangzhou twice a year, every spring and autumn. China’s largest import and export convention covers every industry. Due to Covid-19, the Canton Fair adds a new online display platform. The fair is so huge that it is divided into three stages:

Phase 1: Electronics, machinery, building materials, and chemical products

Phase 2: Consumer goods, home decorations, and gifts

Phase 3: Textiles, recreational products, office supplies, shoes, medical devices, and health products

You can find your real suppliers in person and get samples of products you intend to source for further cooperation.

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

  • B2B marketplaces

Other than the Canton Fair, Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made in China are the other B2B websites where you can find closet storage suppliers and manufacturers. But, You must review these suppliers when you search on these B2B websites to avoid getting scammed on these complicated B2B marketplaces. Some retailers on these websites may pretend to manufacturers to advertise themselves. If you want to purchase something customized for specific technical requirements, only a manufacturer can do this. And these websites will rank these suppliers. But suppliers can get a top ranking by becoming a premium member on Alibaba or other B2B websites with an annual fee. So it increases their visibility on the website. But it doesn’t demonstrate that the supplier is competent or trusted.

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

  • Google

Google search is a good way to find a Chinese laundry basket supplier. Usually, Chinese suppliers have their own business websites. Search using specific keywords for Chinese laundry baskets, such as laundry baskets wholesalers, and laundry baskets organization suppliers. You can find many business websites of Chinese laundry basket suppliers, but they may be an agent actually, but not a wholesaler or manufacturers. If you meet a real closet storage manufacturer, you can go ahead for inquire, and then you will get the quotation soon.

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

  • Sourcing agent

It is the best way to avoid getting scammed on complicated B2B marketplaces by partnering with a China sourcing agent who can act as the go-between. The Chinese sourcing agent who has insight knowledge of the Chinese supply chain is more experienced. They know the Chinese B2B marketplace and they can tell the real manufacturers. Besides, they can inspect the closet storage manufacturers’ facilities. Working with sourcing agents in China is highly recommended, especially for an inexperienced Amazon seller who wants to source products from China. A China sourcing agent can communicate with closet storage manufacturers about your product specifications better. The communication and cultural barriers will be diminished. And a sourcing agent can negotiate the price and can visit the factory to inspect quality control processes and check whether the manufacturing processes are compliant with your standards and product specifics.

Cooperating with a Chinese sourcing agent is a good choice for Amazon sellers to build a long-term relationship with the Chinese supply chain. An experienced agent can make a quick and right response to natural disasters, such as covid-19. In other words, choosing a reliable sourcing agent empowers you to look beyond the supply chain disruptions and recreate the business’s success.

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

  • Social media

Social media become more and more popular. And the ways of consuming also changed. Chinese closet storage suppliers have a presence on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most popular social platforms. Normally, Chinese closet storage suppliers will launch their detailed information about products or factories. You can search keywords to find their account and follow up with them for further cooperation. And you can also post your requirements or detailed information on your page. Chinese closet storage suppliers who can satisfy your needs will contact you and send you their catalog or quotation.

Closet Storage Manufactures and Suppliers

In summary, as an Amazon seller, it is crucial to keep your sales rank to maintain your sales volume. And the secret to keeping your sales rank is to find a reliable closet storage manufacturer in China to make sure the products are not out of stock. Amazon sellers can choose listed tips in your own situation to find the right closet storage manufacturer.

Union Home is a leading home storage provider focusing on OEM of home storage products. Our vision is to use less money, get a better home organized, choose closet organizer suppliers- make your life simple.

Hope this will help you find closet storage manufactures and suppliers well.

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