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4 Useful Tips from Storage Racks Manufacturers

As storage racks manufacturers, we noticed that simplify and organized lifestyle is becoming more and more popular among modern citizens. Meanwhile the storage racks are very essential components of organizing solutions at one’s home space. Lacking of professional knowledge, you may find it confused when choosing the best suitable storage racks as they can be divided into many different kinds according to their style, function, material, size etc. Selecting the best suitable racks for you among all of these kinds can be challengeable. Here let the exact storage racks manufacturers tell you how to choose the perfect one for you.

Before starting selection, storage racks manufacturers ask you this:

  • What’s the main purpose for the rack? Is it for display reasons or is it for store something specific?
  • What will you be putting on it? You will need to consider the material and stability if you will be storing heavy things on it.
  • Where is it in the house? Is it for living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen?
  • What is main decoration style in your house? Is it normcore, Nordic, industrial, pastoral or log style?

Below storage racks manufacturers offer you some choices:

Display racks

It is a rack that both a storage device and a home decoration at the same time. For those open grids, they are perfectly for displaying nice pieces of art, accessories and photos that mean something special to you, to create modern aesthetic, it play around with the display to make the shelf somewhat of a piece of art. What’s more, the storage boxes on the racks help to hide away the mess; they are fantastic for keeping things organized. Sometimes it’s not only because of storage/display reasons that you may need a rack. It can also completely change a room and help make a space feel more homely.Shoes. They’re a permanent source of both joy and frustration in our lives.

It’s time to put an end to the madness and get the shoe stash under control before it takes over your home. Organize and store your shoes from the minute you walk in your home. With your new shoe rack, you will enjoy the luxury of shoe organization. Any space in your home can now be the perfect space for your new shoe display. 

Wardrobe rack

Below is an example of storage racks for wardrobe. The main purpose of the rack is to organize your clothes, shoes, sheets etc. It’s very important to consider the weight of what you want the storage racks to hold. On top of that, it’s very important to ensure that your wall is strong enough to hold the rack too. Thus iron tube rack is recommended. Allocating with different kinds of storage boxes makes the whole space more flexible.

Tips for every room

Kitchen:  Racks to store vegetables, fruits, jars. Better to be large enough, stackable, water-proof. There are functional racks such as a condiment bottle rack, a rack under the sink, a cross-rack for the microwave to increase the storage space for a kitchen, or a rack for storing various ingredients.

Bedroom: There’s a lot of things in the bedroom need to be organized. A rack to display souvenirs, photos and trinkets; Multifunctional rack for holding hat/bag. All of them will be very helpful to make a tidy, clean, warm bedroom.

Bathroom: Storage racks to hold toiletries, toilet rolls and cleaning products. Rolling cart is a good choice as it is movable and easy for cleaning.

Decoration style

You have to consider your decoration style when choosing the storage racks. If your house is normcore style, you can select racks in black, white, gray colors which will be more suitable. While if you are industrial style, those racks made from metal might be your choice. If pastoral style, please consider more natural material such as wood, bamboo, rattan etc. Selecting the right style storage racks will make your home more unified and harmonious.

All items you have seen above are from one of the storage racks manufacturers Union Home Co., Ltd, who has been home storage/home decoration manufacturer over 14 years. Besides storage racks, our product category also concludes storage boxes, laundry storage, storage stools etc.

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